Cooking can be very stressful

As a catering business in Cache Valley, we know how stressful the holiday season can be. There’s so much to do on such tight deadlines. You worry yourself with so many things. You wonder whether or not Crazy Uncle Jim will upset everyone by trying to talk politics again. Can you get your house clean in time? Will there be enough tables and chairs?

One of the biggest causes of stress for holiday events is food. We can’t do anything about Crazy Uncle Jim, but we do know a lot about food. Here’s a few tips to de-stressing your holiday events.

Make a Master List

What makes prepping for holiday events so stressful is that there are so many things you need to do. The best way to deal with that is to organize it all. Making a master to-do list puts everything into one easy-to-find location. Once it’s all organized, you realize that there’s not as much to do as you thought and have a handy checklist to boot. Nothing takes the stress away like watching items disappear from a well-organized list.

Stick With Food You Know

It’s tempting to try and impress your guests with fancy foods, but it’s really better to stick with what you know. Learning to cook new dishes always has its pitfalls and you will make mistakes the first time around. If you’re trying to prepare something new when you’ve got that big event coming up, any mistake, no matter how simple, can feel like a catastrophe and that’s the kind of stress you want to avoid.

Cooking Ahead of Time

There is nothing like a rush to get your blood pressure to spike. Avoid the heart problems by figuring out what dishes you can cook ahead of time. Soups, pastas and pie crusts can be made well in advance and then frozen until its time to serve them. Most side dishes can be prepared the day before. Every item that you can cook ahead of time gives you more time on the day of the event.

Don’t Go Overboard with Drinks

A bowl of punch is really all you need. You can prepare it beforehand, people can serve themselves from it, and everybody appreciates it. There’s no point in trying to turn your party into a fully stocked bar – especially around here in Cache Valley, where people drink a lot less. If you want some variety, a few different cans of soda will suffice.

Consider Catering


Lo’i Shrimp

Being a catering company, it would be obvious to suggest catering your event, but it’s really not a bad idea. Cooking is the one of the biggest stressors of holiday preparation, so why not outsource the process? Want to impress your guests with some fancy food? Our authentic Polynesian cuisine will give them a taste of the Pacific Islands without the expense of a cruise. Get all of the benefits of a well-made meal with none of the stress of actually doing the work yourself. If it fits in your budget and you’re looking to do something a little different, Pauni Island Grill might just be the best bet. We promise to give you an event you’ll remember forever.

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Enjoy Yourself

This is the most important part. The point of getting together is to have fun. Why go to the trouble if you’re only going to be miserable the whole time? Not only that, but the attitude of the host effects the party. If you’re a sourpuss, your guests will be, too. Keep a positive attitude and your guests will enjoy the night, no matter what happens.

So take it easy. De-stress, don’t distress. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so enjoy it.

Happy holidays.

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