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Pauni Island Grill and CateringPauni Island Grill is an active participant in many events around Cache Valley.  We greatly enjoy this community and love to be involved.  This summer will be no different and you can find us at many events.  Here are some places to look for us.

1.  Festivals and Fairs

Festivals and fairs are some of the most fun you can have.  Cache Valley has numerous such events that we like to attend.  Just recently, were were at the Tremonton Fest, and that won’t be the only place you can expect to see us!  If it’s a major event this summer, there’s a good chance our food truck will be there.

2.  College Events

USU has always been one of the best universities in Utah and people from all around the world go there to participate in its programs.  For a long time, we’ve been their supporters, with stalls in the stadiums, or just our food truck at events.  Lately, we’ve also started joining up with Stevens-Henager in Logan for their end of summer parties.  We plan on being there again this year.  Keep up with their Facebook page to find out when they’ll be having it this year.

3.  At Our New Restaurant

Pauni Island RestaurantFor years, we’ve operated out of our food truck and that’s been good business, allowing us to go where we’re wanted and cater to people however they prefer.  One question we were often asked, though, was where our restaurant was.  Up until recently, we’ve had to say that we didn’t have one.

But all that changed a couple of months ago.  At 20 West and 400 North, we are now open for business.  Now you can come see us whenever you want without having to find us at an event or having one of your own.  It’s a new way to serve the community we love and provide an unforgettable experience.

We Still Cater All Over Cache Valley

Just because we have a restaurant, that doesn’t mean we’re closing up the food truck any time soon.  We still enjoy catering private and public events.  It’s a great way to see all the unique experiences Cache Valley has to offer and it’s what we’re best known for, so we’re going keep doing it for as long as you want us to.  Looking to have your event catered?  Get in touch with us today.

Check Our Facebook

You can expect our food truck to show up wherever it’s welcome, or wherever we get invited.  It’s impossible to say too far ahead of time where exactly you can find our truck, but that doesn’t mean you have to go around looking for us.  Whenever we get invited or have an opportunity to participate, we make an announcement on our Facebook page.  Follow us there to get updates on where and when you can find us.  You may even get to hear about an event you didn’t know was happening that you’d like to attend.  You can also ask us directly through any of our regular contact methods.  We’ll be happy to let you know.

We hope to see you there!

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