It’s Christmas!

Christmas time is here again.  You can feel it in the air – it is REALLY cold!  But it’s also a time of warm feelings and family togetherness.  That’s got us really thinking about what moving here has meant for our family.

Pauni Island Christmas charity mealWe Love This Community

Since we came to Cache Valley more than 20 years ago, we’ve grown to really love this community. Logan is a beautiful place. A safe environment to raise a family, full of beautiful parks and natural beauty. If there’s one thing that really makes this place so great, it’s the people.  Everyone here has been so helpful and friendly.  It’s made us really appreciate out time since moving here from Tonga.

The people of this community have completely embraced us since we opened our business in 2000. We started with just a small trailer and a desire to share our culture with all of you. Now, we’ve got more trailers and our own building! We’re a full-blown restaurant now!  We would never have imagined that we’d be doing so well.  And it’s all thanks to the residents of Cache Valley, especially Logan city, who opened their arms to us.

Time To Pay It Forward

That’s why, to celebrate our new building, we’re celebrating Christmas this year by opening our doors to those in need. We want to help out those in need, and thank those who’ve helped us grow into the thriving business we are today. So today, December 20, get your family together and join us at our restaurant for a free meal and a night of caroling, hot chocolate, and good company. Everyone working tonight will be volunteering their time to serve the community and help spread the true meaning of Christmas. You can find our restaurant at 20 W 400 N in Logan. The event will be held at from 6-8 PM.

If you know of a family or friend in need of some a good, hot meal and some Christmas cheer, send them our way. Leave your stress behind and come enjoy the evening.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From Pauni Island Grill and Catering

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