Our Drive-Thru Window Is Open!

drive-thru windowPauni Island is always looking for new ways to better serve customers. To accomplish this, we’ve now opened up a drive-thru window. Want some delicious authentic Polynesian food, but don’t want to have to sit down and wait for it? Now, you don’t have too! You can come by and get a quick bite to eat on the way to or home from work! We’ll get it out to you quickly and you can be on your way in a flash!

School Kids Eat Free Today!

To celebrate opening our new drive-thru window, we’re making a special one-day offer. Today only (March 20, 2020), we’re letting all school children – grades K-12 – have a free meal! Come by and pick up a free meat bowl for your kids to eat for lunch or dinner! Our meat bowls include a bed of white rice and your choice of meats. Try our famous suka chicken, boneless, bite-sized grilled chicken in our original sweet teriyaki sauce! Or maybe you want our Kalua pork; it’s tender, shredded, and salted in its own natural sauce! Our sweet and sour meatballs are always a popular choice with our homemade sauce!

Whatever your kids want, you get a free bowl!

Don’t Forget Our Daily Specials

FriesOur daily specials are proving to be a hit! Come in today and see what we’ve got cooking just for you! Get it with a side dish of fries, either our classic steak fries, or crinkly fries. Don’t forget to let us know on Facebook which you like best!

We Deliver!

Want to have a taste of some authentic Polynesian food in the comfort of your own home? You can! With the help of Grubhub and Lodel, we can now deliver our food right to your doorstep! Get the best quality Polynesian food in Logan without having to go anywhere at all!

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