Tough Times During Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus is hitting everyone pretty hard. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped the community from doing it’s best. Everyone is helping out in what way they can. By supporting local businesses, you’ve kept money circulating in the local economy, which helps everybody in the community. We’re grateful to the people of Cache Valley for all their efforts, especially to help us out as things get difficult.

How We Are Dealing With the Coronavirus

To better meet with CDC guidelines, we’ve decided to close our dining room. This will prevent people from needing to get too close to each other while they eat. However, we will be keeping our drive-thru window open for the duration of the crisis. You can come by whenever you like and make a quick order without needing to break the social distancing guidelines. We will also allow curbside pickup of orders, and you can still get your food delivered through the GrubHub and Lodel apps. If you feel a craving for some authentic Polynesian food, we’re still available to serve you.

Our $20 Family Deal

Our $20 Family deal

Our $20 Family Deal!

We’ve received a lot of support during these difficult times from our community. We’d like to do what we can to pay that back. Just last week, we had a special where kids could get a free meat bowl. The support we got from that was tremendous. We’re so happy with all the great reviews you guys gave us, and your willingness to drop by. Now, we’ve got a new special going. We’re calling it our “Family Deal.”

Our Family Deal is 1 Big Slam Plate (that’s our large rice platter with four different meats) one kid’s meal (one meat bowl and a juice box), and 2 desserts of your choice (our guava cake, or pineapple upside-down cake) for just $20. That’s a lot of good food for not a lot of money.

Daily Specials

Our daily specials are still a go, if you want something different from our regular menu. The next week’s menu will be as follows:

Tuesday: A Suka Teriyaki burger with your choice of steak fries or crinkly fries.

Wednesday: Polynesian Cheese Steak with your choice of fries.

Thursday: A Beef Bowl over a bed of rice and spring veggies.

As always, we always appreciate hearing what you think of our food. Visit us on Facebook and let us know. Keep up with our blog and follow us on Facebook to learn about any other specials and deals we will be offering. As long as you keep supporting us during the coronavirus outbreak, we’ll keep looking for new ways to pay it back!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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