Come Hang With Pauni Island This Saturday!

Pauni Island Grill Restaurant Logan Utah Cache ValleyThis Saturday, June 20th, Pauni Island will be holding a special event. We’re offering some special Polynesian Island dishes not on our normal menu for you to try!

Try out these side dishes: Manioke Cake, or Taro (type of Tongan root vegetable).

For meat dishes, we’re offering Ota Ika (a type of cold fish soup), Lu Sipi (meat dish wrapped in taro leaf), Pulu Masima (beef), and Kuku (muscles). These dishes will only be available this Saturday, so come get some while they last!

Father’s Day

Fathers’ Day is coming up, so this weekend, we’re celebrating with a special deal! If you buy one Big Slam plate with any meat, you can get a free large mango otai drink! This is today and tomorrow only, so don’t wait!

Delivery and Drive Thru

Due to the Covid pandemic, we’re still not opening our dining room, but you can still come by our drive-thru. Can’t find the time to come in? You can also get your meals delivered through GrubHub and Lodel. If you want to take advantage of these special deals, we’re just a call away!  Come and get some before they’re all gone!  Don’t forget to leave a like, comment, or review on our Facebook page!

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