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Summer’s End

Summer is coming to an end. The weather is still pretty warm, but we’re starting to get some cooler days mixed in. I was actually able to tolerate going outside yesterday! As summer gets closer to fall, that’s going to happen more often. We’re all going to want to make the most out of the remaining weeks of summer while we still have free time, right? But how can we have fun with summer’s end while we all still have Covid concerns? Here are 4 ideas we had.

1. Go On A Picnic

two women camping in the summerWe’re all worried about the virus, but going outside is still good for our health even with the pandemic happening. The fresh air circulates better, there are fewer commonly touched surfaces for the virus to aggregate on, and sunlight helps produce vitamin D, which helps us fight off disease. Plus, the exercise of playing outdoors makes us healthier overall, which makes our immune system stronger.

So, if going outside is still healthy, why not go on a picnic? There are plenty of large parks around Cache Valley. There’s lots of room to spread out so you don’t have to get close to people, maintaining that important social distancing space. If you’re really worried about social distancing, you don’t even have to come to our restaurant to get your food. Thanks to Lodel and Grub Hub, we now deliver. Get your food delivered and take it to a park for a nice meal in the great (and healthy) outdoors!

2. Employee Appreciation

Are you an employer looking for a way to improve morale at the workplace? With Covid going around, a lot of people are worried and the stress is really hurting productivity. This is especially bad if people feel like their work isn’t being appreciated. Why not give them a great meal? Call us up and we can have our truck show up at your business to offer food. Let us cater lunch for you! A taste of quality Polynesian food can really spice up any day at the office. It’ll give your employees something different – and something tasty! – to remind them that sometimes life can be enjoyable.

3. Social Distancing Party

The hardest part of social distancing is the not seeing people. Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to completely avoid people, though. Why not have a social distancing party. Pick a nice park, some place you can really spread out. Have our truck come by the location to cater a meal. People can come up in small groups to get their food so they don’t violate the social distancing guidelines. To let people get their social interaction, designate areas where small groups can meet and talk, making them large enough for people to spread out and keep to the guidelines. That way, people can get some interaction to help counter the feeling of isolation that the social distancing has caused for many of us.

4. Come Visit Us At Bear Lake

Rendezvous Beach, Bear Lake, Utah in the summerWe’re still going to have our truck out at Bear Lake every Friday and Saturday to the end of summer. If you’re looking to get out of the house and have a good time, why not come pay us a visit? We’ll give you some great food to go along with your quickie-vacation. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for news on where else you can find us! We love to do events around Cache Valley, so there’s lots of places you can find us and we’ll keep you updated on them all as they come!

If you’re looking to let Pauni Island bring some extra punch to your end of summer fun, get int ouch with us today!

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