Tremonton Trash Car Racing event flyerFall is Here!

Fall has arrived. It’s finally starting to cool off and soon the leaves will start changing color and falling. While that makes a mess to clean up, there’s still plenty to enjoy. Fall has always been a good season for catering events for Pauni Island and we’re still available. Here’s a few things to look forward to.

1. Tremonton Trash Car Racing Event

We’ll be catering the Tremonton Trash Car Racing event this Saturday (Sept. 26). You can see the details on the official flier. We’ll be there offering our quality Polynesian cuisine to spectators, participants, or anyone who just happens to stop by the Box Elder County Fairgrounds. Come and say hello and get a taste of the Polynesian islands!

2. Weddings

We cater a lot of weddings in the fall. People seem to like the photo opportunities provided by the multicolored leaves on the trees. It’s not as hot as summer, so that’s a plus, too. Whatever the reason for it, we love catering weddings. We can provide the food as well as the entertainment with our authentic Polynesian dances. What better way to make your big day an event you’ll never forget?

Business Catering3. Baptisms

Baptisms are a big thing here in Utah. You get your whole family together to see the big event. Afterward, everybody wants to eat. Since you’re right there in a church, you’ve got the gym to set up tables and chairs for food. Why not spice it up with some great Polynesian food? Don’t worry about the fuss of cooking and serving when we can do it for you! We’ll take care of the catering so you can focus on what’s important: your family and the big event!

4. Business Parties

Business parties are a constant year-round. We love catering business lunches, or business parties. Businesses love having us over, too. Whether it’s a full-blown party, or just a simple luncheon, we’ve got you covered.

Fall Catering

Covid-19 has slowed things down, but there’s no reason you can’t still have some fun. Following health and safety guidelines makes a few changes for how we manage the parties, but it’s still a possibility. In times like these, we need a chance to enjoy ourselves more than ever. If you need an event catered, we’re here for you! Go ahead and get in touch with us to schedule something. We promise it’ll be an event to remember!

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