Party Pineapple

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We’ve got some new specials going on at the Pauni Island Grill restaurant this winter! Let’s take a look!

Gift Cards

We mentioned last month that we’re selling gift cards in our restaurant. If you want to share the great taste of Polynesian food with friends and family, these gift cards are a stocking stuffer for the holidays. They come in $8, $10, and $20 varieties. Now, there’s a special deal on top of it! If you buy one of our $20 gift cards, we’ll throw in a bonus $5 towards free food in your next purchase. That’s a gift that gives back!

Weekend Specials

Gift cards make a great stocking stuffer, but what can you actually get? Well, in addition to anything on our regular menu, we’re making some weekend specials you can get. Each weekend, we’re going to be offering special food items you can buy that aren’t on our regular menu. From our famous Suka Cheesesteak, to a delicious Puteni desert, each weekend we’ll be offering something unique for you to try, whether it’s a classic, authentic Polynesian dish, or a Polynesian twist on an American favorite! Come in and give it a try.

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